Anatomical Options

Anatomical donation is becoming more acceptable. Many people want to help others and advance medical science and research and realize they can do this by donating their body.

We work with these companies to help you complete their forms and understand the process of whole body donation.

It is important to note – When a person chooses anatomical donation they must meet a criteria to be accepted into a program. Each of these programs has different criteria. By offering assistance with these four companies, we will probably be able to honor your wishes for donation.

We feel Anatomical Donation is important and have reduced our fees in most instances.

BioGift Anatomical

  • BioGift is a local organization that places non-transplantable human tissue, and specimens with researchers and educators.
  • You must meet BioGift’s specific criteria to qualify for donation. Not all will qualify.
  • Contact us for help with paperwork and placement.


Oregon Health Science University (OHSU)

  • OHSU is the State of Oregon’s only health and research university. The users of OHSU cadavers include over 50 statewide programs, a dozen reside at OHSU, and the remainder includes mostly state and private institutions of higher education. The majority of the donations are assigned for educational purposes but some play an important role in the progress of biomedical research.
  • Many more students of anatomy enjoy the privilege of human dissection than in the past. Among the programs that are gifted by the use of cadaveric materials include students of medicine, dentistry, nursing, physician assistant, naturopathetic medicine, chiropractic medicine, physical and occupational therapy and radiation therapy.
  • All research is solely done in the Pacific Northwest, while other programs are nationwide.
  • Once entered into their program, bodies are embalmed or frozen, stored, distributed, tracked, and retrieved if assigned to a non-OHSU program.
  • After that time, the process of cremation and return of the cremains (cremated remains) to the donor family is undertaken.
  • This is the link to their frequently asked questions page. Please contact us if you would like more information.


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