Wooden Urns

Aftercare Cremation and Burial Service offers many different options for affordable urns and keepsakes. Pictures of the most popular are below. We are always looking for unusual and low cost urns to offer our customers and there are always good buys, usually under $100, on display at the funeral home.


Alexander Urn $125


Arlington $210

Classic Column

Classic Column $190

Fairhaven Ash

Fairhaven Ash $100


Leyton $100

Leyton Combination

Leyton Combination $195

Cherry Scattering Urn

Cherry Scatter $85

Rhapsody Urn

Rhapsody $170

Metal Urns & Keepsakes –¬†Biodegradable/Eco/Green UrnsScattering Tubes

Cloisonne & Stone UrnsVault Urns